California NO Monthly FEE ELD! Hardware & Software

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Never pay a monthly fee again! Buy once and get unlimited usage so you can run your business without hands in your pocket every month or year.

FMCSA registered AOBRD/ELD System that does just what you need. Includes ELD Button Hardware and mobile APP. NOTE: Make sure the device you will be running the APP on has real GPS. 

Complete management of:

  • CFR  §395 (HOS)
  • CFR  §396 (DVIR)

We'll keep you drivin', not stop you from trukin'. Oh, and our system is awesome! Take a look at the attached pictures.

This version is for California Residents ONLY.

Additionally includes:

  • 2 Door Stickers
  • 1 hour of personalized hands on one-on-one training over the phone or in person.
  • Free shipping.