$189 AOBRD/ELD No Monthly Fees!

Run as an AOBRD for 2-more years!! Last day to order an AOBRD and get it in time to meet the deadline is December 11, 2017


Call Us with Questions! 877.443.6949

Read More About the LTE ELD Here at ELD.CLOUD

Read about the PRO Version Here GEOSPACELABS.COM

Geowiz offers FMCSA compliant ELD hardware and software built to work together to provide seamless functionality alongside unsurpassed support and service.

Choose the option that is best for you. Want to use your phone or existing tablet? Great, you just need to purchase the $189 ECU plugin.

Want the whole kit out of the box? Great, you can purchase the LTE ELD Bundle. It has everything you need to get started at $349.

Our hardware is a single small device, so no cables or different vendors pointing fingers at each other.

The Geowiz APP software runs on any modern Android or Apple mobile device, BYOD or buy new, whichever fits your current operating model.

Want to run in AOBRD mode instead of as a fully blown ELD? Purchase and install ASAP so you can be part of the grandfathered clause!

ELD include a 12 month fix/replace warranty, tablets have a 90 day fix/replace warranty. Please read our warranty policy here: http://geospacelabs.com/about.php


The below chart is a true story. The vendor names have been changed to protect the greedy. Everything else is told exactly as it will occur if you like to throw money out the window!

StopTruckin - $1,031 MORE After 24 Months

SlowRoad - $911 MORE After 24 Months

FleetStatic - $1,535 MORE After 24 Months

Complicated Truck ELD - $910 MORE After 24 Months

We could keep going!