BUS Driver ELD Hardware & Software (1st Year and Device Included then $23/month after first year)

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BUS Driver Specific FMCSA registered ELD System that does just what you need. Includes ELD Button Hardware and mobile APP. NOTE: Make sure the device you will be running the APP on has real GPS. 

Complete management of:

  • CFR  §395 (HOS)
  • CFR  §396 (DVIR)

Perfect for companies with a back office that want to centralize operations; or dispatchers and safety officers who want to use technology to keep everyone on the same page.

This payment includes the ELD button and the software subscription for the 1st year. (paid annually). Then it will be $23 a month after the first year.

  • Use Bus instead of Tractor
  • Specialized DVIR
  • Max Driving hours
        US - 10 Hours
        CA - 13 Hours
  • Max Shift time 15 Hours instead of 14
  • 30 Minute Break not required
  • Split Sleeper does not require 8 hour segment
  • Off Duty Time extends Shift - US
  • Dashboard with Fleet Wide Data Metrics
  • Real-Time Text notifications of Safety Events
  • Field Device Battery Monitoring
  • Weather Included in GPS Maps History
  • Three Way Driver Dispatch
  • Automated Real-Time Delivery Tracking
  • Real-Time Detention Alerts
  • Hours of Service Real-Time Summary
  • 100% Automated Arrival and Departure Reporting
  • Geofencing
  • Complete Asset (Power Unit) History
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Field Maintenance
  • DVIRs with Video and Voice Integration
  • State Miles Capture
  • Driver Safety Scorecards
  • Quick Fleet Wide CSA Points Audit
  • Monthly HOS ELD Safety Scorecard
  • Custom Driver Safety Letters
  • Mechanic Interface for DVIR Repairs
  • Fleet Maintenance Scheduling
  • Unassigned Driving Resolution
  • Engine Events
  • Major Vendor Fuel Card Imports
  • Over 10 Hours of Training Videos
  • Individual Driver Data Retention Management
  • Company of Companies Integration
  • Owner Operator Logs Visible by Multiple Companies
  • Messages Read Aloud to Driver
  • Use ELD as Dashcam
  • Electronic Document Delivery and Signature
  • Field Document Capture (Scanning)
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Navigation Interface
  • Canadian & US HOS Rules Automation
  • Incident Reporting & Data Capture
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Configurable Start My Day Driver Workflows