Ag Single User License (Paid Annually)

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Single User

Perfect for farms with a single vehicle or for professional owner operators.

NOTE: You will need to purchase the ELD Hardware also (one-time fee).

  • Sophisticate management of agricultural commodity sources
  • GPS tracking of 150-Air mile 
  • Clean clear auto notations on all exempt log entries 
  • Automated reconciliation of exempt driving, so no need to explain unidentified driving 
  • Automatic arrival detection at all entered sources and locations 
  • Preloaded agriculture national source list 
  • Ability to add and share sources with other Log Book users 
  • Create sources using entered addresses of GPS location data (for when there is no good address) 
  • Automatic recalculation when adding new sources 
  • Support for all FMCSA trip scenarios with trip entry wizard 
  • Ability to flag duty items as exempt line by line in addition to automation 
  • Ability for office to add and remove agricultural courses 
  • Track sources by commodity type, including bees and livestock 
  • Realtime feedback of current exemption status 
  • Realtime tracking of exemption distance from source and edge of 150 air mile radius 
  • Exemption rules processing clearly showing only violation relevant given exempt status, includes proper processing of break based upon exempt status and commodity type

    $23 a month paid annually.